Why wear a brooch the old way

why wear a brooch the old way  other than a lapel

I have always loved brooches especially vintage and old ones, but why just wear one the old fashioned and traditional way just on a lapel?

Here are a few ideas to be a little different:

Pin a brooch onto a hat, bag or hair band for something a change. You can also fasten one onto a dress neckline, if it has a low plunge line - especially a bridal dress. Add one onto a scarf in place of a scarf clip, or add a huge statement brooch onto the back of a party or wedding dress for a bigger impact. It only takes a few minutes to lift an outfit from ordinary to something a little bit more eye catching and personal.

You can also use them in soft furnishings. Pin one or onto a curtain tie. Have a themed collection on a shelf cushion to add a different look to your room - by pinning lots of fish or same color brooches onto a plain cushion. Make a collection stand out and on view. Use a picture frame and add a cushion front instead of glass and pin your brooch collection to it. A shadow box can also be used to great effect.
brooch displaybrooch shadow box gothic

Sparkling broken brooches can be re-used at Christmas. Cut out a shape of a tree or bauble in MDF. Paint green or other Christmas colors. Then glue the broken brooch pieces to it. Make a fabulous focal decoration in a room.

A beautiful use of brooches has become more fashionable over the last few years that uses ones with memories. Make a wedding brooch bouquet. It is fairly easy to do. Collect brooches and add them to a bouquet shape and embellish with beads, lace and ribbon. Or you can buy ones complete.
bridal brooch bouquet
Make it traditional with white, pink and crystal diamante. Or go for something a little less classical. Use bright and colorful brooches to add to a bouquet and match to your color scheme.
colorful wedding bouquet of brooches

So have a look at our brooches for sale. On here, we add so many more each week. You will be spoilt for choice.

Give a brooch as a gift by attaching to a card. Good luck and mother brooch are ideal for this. Add a couple of stripes of sticky tape to the back of where you are going to attach it. This will help thicken the card and stop any tears occurring. 

However it takes me just ages to choose just one brooch. I have collected so many over the years and add to them at least weekly. With fun brooches in plastic to great big sparkling creations. Then there are my themed brooches for Christmas, Easter and Halloween…. The choice is just endless.

bat broocheagle brooch - bird of prey