What birthstone jewellery to choose

Birthstone jewellery information - what gem do you give as a gift?

What ever month of our birth , it is always nice to have a piece of gemstone jewellery (whether its vintage, antique or new) that represents the month of our birth. It feels lucky to wear this special birthstone in a Birthstone necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings, tie clip, cufflinks or brooch. Over the years many companies have produced birthstone jewellery including Ciro Pearls, Sarah Coventry and of course many fine jewellery makers.


Red semi precious gemstone that can look black in certain lights. Though garnets can come in other colours such as tangerine, rose, mandarin, mint and a warm red. Bohemian garnets are found in Victorian and early twentieth century jewellery and are now very collectible.


A beautiful purple colour that is said to represent grape juice and is the gemstone of the Greek gods. Amethyst purple can be from a darker purple to a light almost lavender rose colour. Very popular in the nineteenth century and seen in antique jewellery. It was one of the favorite gems used in Art Nouveau.


Bloodstone or Aquamarine
Bloodstone is actually green jasper that has red, brown, yellow and green markings. Used in antique and vintage pieces as it made good carving material. 
Aquamarine is a beautiful light blue to light green that looks like the ocean on a clear bright day. 


Diamond or a Clear Crystal.
A precious diamond is a girls best friend, clear and sparkling it will delight any April lady or man.
If a diamond is a bit too pricey. Then a clear crystal is a good representative. Jewellery with a cubic zirconia or a clear sparkling Swarovski crystal will suffice. 


Chrysoprase or Emerald.
Both are a lovely green colour. Chrysoprase was used extensively in the 1970s chip jewellery instead of jade. Still easy to find at a good price and in plenty of choice - in fact you can source a whole parure for very little money.
Emeralds on the other hand are graded and hence so is the price. Shrouded in myth and having a power all to its self. One of the favorite gems liked by Cleopatra. May be she was born in May?


Agate, Alexandrite, Pearl, Moonstone.
Plenty of choice here for a present for the June birthday boy or girl.
Agates come in a huge choice of colours. Very popular in Victorian and Scottish inspired pieces, which is now very collectible. faux agates can be found in the wide range of jewellery produced by the company Miracle.
Alexandrite is said to be the cats eye of gems, green by daylight but a violet, red, orange or crimson by candlelight.
Pearls can be real or faux. Such a wide choice is available from white colours to mellow cream.
Moonstone semi precious gemstones have seen a revival in recent years. It can be colorless to brown, green, gray, pink, yellow or a rainbow.Use with caution as this is the stone for lovers.


Cornelian (Carnelian) or Ruby.
Cornelian is a beautiful orangey red colour. This is one of the deeply religious gemstones. It was popular in cameos and intaglios of old.
Ruby is of course a red birthstone. The colour of a ruby is said to represent fire.


Sardonyx or peridot.
Sardonyx resembles orange carnelian, although the layers are often interspersed with white and gray.
Peridot is a completely different colour. It shines with a bright green glow even at night - so called the "Evening Emerald" by the Romans.


Moonstone or sapphire.
So pretty moonstones can be found in a range of colours from colorless to a rainbow of colors including brown, pink, yellow and gray.
Sapphires are a glorious vivid blue colour, such an intense colour its is not matched in the gem kingdom.


Opal or Tourmaline.
Such a converted gemstone is Opal as it has a fiery depth that sparkles and flashes in intensity. It can range from a green, blue, red and white - all with the characteristic flashes of red and yellow colours. Opal and faux opal is often used in jewellery. Unfortunately there is a tendency to call it "dragons breath" which is an incorrect term.
Tourmaline has pink and green colours combined in one stone. Very much sought after. It has also been copied in glass, but this is becoming rarer to find noways.


Topaz or Citrine.
Topaz is another generally blue gemstone for a birthstone. A beautiful semi precious stone that is so romantic and has an air of wealth.
Used in ancient Greece, Citrine is a bright yellow gem, but can range from a pastel lemon, golden yellow, mandarin orange and Madeira red.


Turquoise, Tanzanite or Zircon.
Turquoise is a blue green stone with dark veining. Used extensively by the ancient Egyptians and North American jewellery.
A stone with a blue purple fire is Tanzanite. Adapted only in 2002, as the December birthstone. It is still quite rare and is in a short supply, with the experts believing that it will disappear in years to come.
Blue zircon was widely used in the Victorian era. This gem can be a light blue, clear or a champagne colour. Most often gem used as a diamond substitute.

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