Watch My Pins

Watch My Pins.
Do your pins 0n your jacket or clothing reflect your mood or situation? I know that mine often do, as well as reflecting my personality and style. So I have a whole different collection of lapel pins and brooches that I can choose from each day that say something about me.
 Large shield broochblack bat brooch

A famous American politician, Madeleine Albright, used to wear pins and brooches that reflected her mood and more often where she was. If she attended a meeting or a party and just for pleasure - She would wear a pin especially chosen for the occasion. She even wrote a book about her fabulous brooches.
At this time of the year choose a brooch or pin that reflects the season be it Summer, Spring, Autumn (Fall) or Winter. Or an animal that you like, such as a dog, horse or cat.
 rose brooch horse brooch
Then of course Christmas - buy a whole different range of festive Christmas pins and brooches to wear each day; until Christmas Day like an Advent Calendar. Get 24 different Christmas brooch to do this. There are many to choose from - snowflake, Father Christmas, toys, reindeer and trees.
eagle broochchristmas brooch
Going to a meeting where you want to stand out? Then pick something big and bold that has that "look at me" factor. Want to look sophisticated - then choose a lapel pin that has a touch of elegance and refinement. 
As pins are so versatile, you might not want to stick to just attaching them to your jacket's or coat's lapel. Use on your woolly hat or scarf. Add them to a plain bag to jazzy it up a bit. Pin to a shirt collar like the Victorian women did to give that severe and no nonsense look - ideal for teachers and when you are in that sort of meeting!!! You can also use them in your hair. Fastened to a hair band can turn an ordinary hair do into something a bit more special and the shape or color of your pin will reflect your mood or situation.
elephant broochsnowflake brooch pin

So think on when I fasten my elephant, large axe or bat pin to my lapel for the next meeting - what am I saying?

We have over 400 different vintage brooches and pins available.

Best wishes Sue of Jewels & Finery. 
Updated December 2018, Copyright Vintage and Handmade 
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