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Vintage Jewellery | Antique Jewellery | Pre-Owned Jewellery.
Every week we add more unique and rare antique, pre-owned and vintage jewellery. Sourced in the UK from many different sources. We believe that not everyone follows the current fashion, but likes certain styles of silver and costume jewellery or accessories. Either to wear or to collect. But unfortunately, once those few months that the pieces have been in fashion or trending has passed, it becomes almost impossible to find what you are looking for. So, we have tried to bridge that gap. Instead of going from shop to shop trying to find something to suit you. We hope to have made it easier to find what you like in this websites vintage collection.
Our cheap, inexpensive to rare and expensive collection of women’s and men’s vintage costume jewellery spans the following years:
We try to add the more unique as well as the classic and traditional to suite all tastes. With free UK delivery; and the option to ship worldwide & UK express at an additional small cost. Most are sent to you, ready to give as a gift. Although we have an additional gift-wrapped section as well.
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