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About Avon from the beginning. It was in the 1890s that the company first started. David Hall McConnell, a door to door salesman, first built his own perfume laboratory and began to print catalogues of his products. After the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco, where his California office was destroyed. He moved to Montreal Canada. By 1916, he was selling worldwide and was very successful. It wasn't until 1928, that Avon was used - because of David's favourite writer - William Shakespeare & Stratford On Avon. Under the Avon brand, toothbrushes, talcum powder and vanity sets were sold. In 1939, Avon became the companies name.

Avon jewellery was first introduced in 1965, with stylish solid perfume holding brooches. Followed by rings and pendants. By 1971, the first collection was introduced - Precious Pretenders of a pin, necklace, bracelet & clip earrings. In all by 2005, 250 pieces of jewellery are added each year. Here we have some signed and unsigned Avon jewellery for you to buy. 
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