Victorian language of flowers

Victorian language of flowers for jewellery decoding information.

During the Victorian era messages were often communicated to friends and lovers using flowers. This was called the language of flowers. It could be on floral jewellery or flower necklaces  by sending real flowers singularly or in bouquets. The choice of the flower very much depended on the sentiment or message that was wished to be conveyed.

The following are the meaning of just some of the flowers:

Jonquil (the yellow center of a narcissus)  – appeal
Bramble – remorse
Ivy – bond
Dahlia – dismissal
Lily of the Valley – friendship
Hyacinth – devotion
White Lily – purity
Violet – modesty
Daffodil -diffidence
Sunflower – showiness
Pelargonium – friendship
Cornflower – delicacy
Moss rose – shy love
Honeysuckle – betrothal
Begonia – warning
Apple Blossom – beauty and goodness
Crocus – happiness
Red Poppy – moderation
Oak Leaves – courage
Nasturtium – cunning
Red Rose – love
Yellow Rose – misplaced affection
Snowdrop – renewal
Mistletoe – kisses
Waterlily – purity
Dogrose – loveliness
White Pansy – thoughts of love
Purple Lilac – first love
Cyclamen – indifference
Forget Me Not – remembrance
Cineraria – delight
Current – presumption
Red Carnation – passionate love
Christmas Rose – anxiety
Bellflower – morning time
Fuchsia – warning
Aster – regrets
Purple Pansy – souvenirs
Passion Flower – refusal
Primrose – dawning love
Clematis – intellectuality
Orchid – luxury
Coreopsis – love at first sight
Sweetpea – tenderness
Pink Carnation – encouragement
Arum – passion
Chrysanthemum – reciprocated love
Myrtle – fragrance
Harebell – resignation
Morning Glory – affection
Red Tulip – avowal (an affirmation of the truth that you believe to be)
Iris – ardor
Narcissus – self love
Anemone – estrangement

We at Jewels & Finery are a great believer in the language of flowers and love to wear a flower shaped earrings or floral jewels that has a hidden meaning. It just makes it more meaningful and special for that occasion.
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