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This brief Trifari jewelry information and low down is intended to just give a small slice of the history and progress of this company that is still in existence today. Up market Trifari started out in 1918 and they are responsible for a huge variety of higher quality jewellery produced in so many different styles. Their most famous designer was Alfred Philippe and his work is very sought after. Other designers that worked for Trifari are Joseph Wuyts, Alfred Spaney, David Mir and Adolph Katz. Copyrighting began in 1955 for this company following an important court case. They are famous for some designs including the Trifari clip mates brooch that was patented by the company in 1936. These were two dress clips that were fitted together and could also be used as a brooch. They used techniques such as poured glass in the 1940s, fruit salad shaped stones, bright enameling and the "jelly belly" cabochon. Care needs to be taken when purchasing some of Trifari's early more famous jewellery as there are quite a few copies around.
Trifari vintage clip earrings with faux pearl and leaf  Trifari copyrighted signature example

Shown above are 1960s vintage clip earrings with faux pearls and leaf decoration. Next to it is the Trifari signature with the copyright sign.
Trifari gold tone brooch in shape of a fern Trifari copyright mark on back of brooch

Trifari produced many single colored metal brooches in the sixties to seventies. The above sample is a classic piece of their jewellery. Showing the crown Trifari symbol which was apparently only used on their jewellery between the 1940s and 1960s.
Trifari jewellery brooch trifari jewelry mark
A sixties fern shaped brooch in an all gold tone. Another fine example of Trifari jewelry.
trifari jewelry set of faux pearltrifari signature on back
This beautiful 1950s estimated jewelry set from Trifari has a faux pearl necklace and bracelet that match. Signed with the Trifari and crown signature.

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