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Sphinx jewellery history & to purchase.

Sphinx jewellery was an English company that started production in about 1948 and ceased in around 1990s. They made high quality jewellery under their own brand Sphinx. They also made plenty of jewellery for other companies here in the UK and the US. 
Sphinx was based in London, UK. Producing high end pieces for store's worldwide and also for other jewellery firms such as KLJ, Butler & Wilson and others. Firm identification is by the plaque that says "Sphinx" on the jewellery. Care needs to be taken when looking for Sphinx, because this plaque is now often rubbed and difficult to see. They also used a design number which can be with the Sphinx mark or without. Care needs to be taken when attributing a numbered jewellery piece as it may not be from them. Other companies used numbers allocated to certain designs. There is much confusion around this company and very little is known.
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