Pierced Earrings

unique earrings for pierced earsUnique Pierced Earrings - Unusual Earrings for  women with pierced ears - Pre owned to New.
Pre owned pierced earrings and new fashion earrings unique and unusual. Inspired 1920s Art Deco earrings and Victorian style earrings available for pierced ears. 
We also have all plastic earrings and part plastic earring that are unique. Buy pre owned earrings that have been hygienically cleaned and re-purposed. In styles of post, drop, dangling, stud, hoop, chandelier and button earrings to choose from.
We have a large range that is nearly all one of a kind.
On this page you will find earring backs in gold or silver plate and plastic. UK postage is free and we do post worldwide.
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