Pick your style of necklace

Pick your style of necklace?

Necklaces come in all shapes and sizes. It helps to know what their design and fashion names are and what they do to enhance your look and outfit. Many of the styles have been around since the ancient times and just develop over the years - going in and out of fashion. Then making a come back big time.
Here are the main necklace types:
In fashion at the moment. A choker varies in length from 14 to 16 inches. 40 to 45 cm. Worn close to the neck. Also available as a "Dog collar" style which is wider. Popular in Victorian and the 1970s. Princes Diana also revived the choker in the 1990s.
single choker necklace
Fabulous to use on a plunging neckline. Length of this necklace is about 17 to 19 inches. 43 to 48 cm. A bit longer than the normal 16 inch, which seems to be the length produced the most often. Better to use if you want to take away the emphasis on your neck - if you are older with a few wrinkles or a little bit chunky in size.
princess necklace 
Another necklace for wearing with a plunging neckline. Length approximately 20 to 22 inches. 50 to 55 cm. Wear this with an off the shoulder outfit for extra impact. 
matinee necklace
The versatile long necklace about 26 to 36 inches. 66 to 91 cm. Longer than this becomes the Rope necklace. Wear just as is - long, wrap around your neck twice or knot for additional effect.
opera necklace lond long necklace wrapped around neck
When a necklace has more than one layer of beads or has been made using the bead work technique. Also known as the multi string, torsade or Bayadere braided styles. This is when the layers are versatile to wear, because the layers of strands of beads meet at both ends and can either be twisted or left loose.

beaded necklace torsade beaded necklace
Just a simple one string or strand of beads to make up a necklace, without any adornments added. The most useful style to have in your possession.

single bead necklace
Very popular in the 1970s and continues today. Resin or plastic beads are heat treated or glued onto a single strand. This makes the strand very hard wearing, especially in the longer lengths. Not so easy to break. Often in bright colors and fairly cheap. Used in carnival and children's necklace.
silver fixed bead necklace 
As described. A bib necklace looks like a baby's bib. It has a fringed, circular or triangular adornment in diamante, rhinestone, chain or beads. The draping design gives extra length and shows of your low cut plunging neckline. 

bib necklace plastic bib necklace
As described - a collar necklace can replace a normal collar on a dress. It can be in beads or other material. Wear over a collarless or a sleeveless outfit. Great for dressing up a plain dress.

collar necklace green collar necklace
Described as a single strand necklace that has an adornment of beads or a decorative finish with diamante or rhinestone. It has then a single large pendant/stone or bead dangling at the front. Named after one of Louis the 14th's mistress. Very popular in the 1920s and at the turn of the twentieth century.

laviere necklace
This consists of a chain of faceted stones, linked together either graduated or in the same size. The stones were gemstones, diamonds or glass. Early examples from the e18th century were closed backed stones. But versions later had open backs that allowed light to filter through. Some Riviere necklaces has single stones added at the front.
  • BOLO 
Either braided leather or chain that has a slide fitting so that the two ends hang down. Seen most often in men's cowboy outfits of the Wild West. Popular in the 1970s for line dancing. the slide can be quite ornamental.
Sentimental jewellery of a locket that opens up, so that a picture or memento of a loved one can be included.
locket open
A statement necklace can also be a big and bold bib necklace. Or just huge beads. Whatever, this type of necklace will get you noticed.

aztec statement necklace
  • CHAIN 
Just a simple chain necklace. This can be used to hold a locket or a pendant. Chains can be in certain distinct style. But we are not going to identify them here. Chain necklaces can also be layered in graduated lengths indifferent colored metals, plastic or patterns.

chain necklace red chain necklace
As described the pendant is attached to a chain or cord and turned into a necklace. As apposed to a single pendant that can not be worn unless a chain/cord/ribbon is added.
pendant necklace 
The ends of the Lariat necklace are finished in tassels with a knot to hold the necklace together. The Tassel necklace are adjustable on this style.
Tassel necklaces are described as such, when the single strand of beads or chain finishes in a pendant that is shaped as a tassel.
lariat necklace 
A garland of flowers, ribbons or leaves on a chain in curved swags that has dangling charms, stones, drops or pendants. Very ornamental and can not be described as a Festoon necklace without the swag element.

Hope you like our descriptions and we hope they will help you when choosing your necklaces.
Updated December 2018, Copyright Jewels & Finery.
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