Newest of new double clips Ciro Pearls advert

Newest of new double clips Ciro Pearls advert 1938

Another 1938 vintage advert by Ciro Pearls this one is called " Newest of new double clips" It is taken from the Weldon's ladies journal magazine. It shows a Ciro fake diamond brooch that forms a pair of perfect dress clips. Its title is 3 jewels in one! This was just one of the exclusive jewellery pieces available and was for only a guinea (about £1 in those days). Ciro diamonds were not real diamonds but diamante glass stones that were clear in color. 

ciro pearls dress clip diamond brooch vintage advert 

Love this vintage advert as it shows how clips on dresses were worn either on the neckline of a dress or top. Still very practical today and under used. Easy to push onto a top, either on each side or just use a single clip in the middle instead of a brooch. The double clips were two matching that were on a frame with a brooch pin at the back. They easily came apart and can still be found today. Coro company patented their ones under the name Clip Mates and Duettes. Ciro started to produce their clips as single items first, but found that women were buying two, so to meet the demand they began producing them as doubles.