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Napier Jewelry Information - 120 year history & Napier jewelry to buy.

This is just a short guide to Napier jewellery, the American company that founded and still produces Napier jewelry today. It all started in 1878 with humble beginnings in Massachusetts in America. Egerton Ames Bliss (E. A. Bliss) essentially founded this jewellery company by 1882 they employed 75 people. Selling gilt chains, jewellery and novelties their empire flourished. So in 1890 they moved to larger premises at Meriden, Connecticut. Up to the 1920s the signature on their items was "Bliss".

 Napier signature
In 1920 James H Napier became president of the company. By 1922, he had acquired enough shares in E H Bliss to be able to put forward a name change and so it became Napier & Co. Napier had been used on the jewelry as a signature from the last quarter of the 1920s.
Their history over the 120 years was of evolving and changing to the demands of the fashion industry. However in the 1990s they hit financial difficulties. The fashion changes and the fact that Macy's started to produce their own line of jewelry meant that they had to drastically down size their scale of production. However in 1999 they sold out to the Victoria Creations Inc and were no longer a privately owned company. The original factory in Meridian down was shut in 1999, but the Victoria Creations still produce Napier branded jewellery today. They also produce Nine West, Richelieu and their own brand. As well as under license Givenchy and Tommy Hilfiger.
Napier adjustable screw back earrings in gold plate
Over their 121+ year span this company has produced a huge amount of jewellery and accessories. It is thank to the hard work of the author Melinda L Lewis that the above accurate information is available. If you want to learn more and about the American costume jewellery journey; then I highly recommend that you buy her book "The Napier Co, Defining 20th American costume jewelry"  It is one of the largest in my collection and just full of information and pictures of lovely jewellery.
the Napier co book 
napier jewellerynapier stamp
Faux pearl ear jewelry by Napier
Below are the Napier jewelry including Napier necklaces, Napier bracelets, Napier earrings & Napier brooches pins, we have available at present to buy from our extensive collection.