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Monet Jewelry & Monocraft Accessories to buy

Just Monet jewelry or Monocraft accessories to buy. This US company started out in the 1920s and although has changed ownership several times in its long history, it is still in production today.  It is famous for its high quality and well made finishes. Ideal to collect and wear.
First established by two brothers - Michael and Joseph Chernow under the name Monocraft. They originally produced monogrammed car emblems. Now rare to find and very collectible. Monocraft originally capitalized on the monogram craze by having monogrammed keyrings, bag labels and jewellery. They then continued after the great depression in the 1930s, to not only produced jewellery but other accessories that could be monogrammed. Continuing its tradition of producing good quality and classical pieces that have stood the test of time. Monet is still a brand that is ideal to wear or collect. 

All the Monet that we have available has been hand picked and sourced in the UK.
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