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Miracle jewellery designs now under the ownership of St Justin jewellery

Since 1946, Miracle LTD has been a resident of Birmingham in the UK. But early in 2013 it was announced, that on the retirement of the owner, it had been taken over by the Cornish company St Justin. Both companies produce fine pewter and silver made jewellery in the style of Celtic, Scottish and historical reproductions. So we are showcasing both Miracle jewellery and St Justin jewellery together now.
Miracle brooch with a faux green stone  St Justin jewellery box and logo 
The above is a Miracle brooch with a faux green stone. Next is the St Justin jewellery box with its distinctive logo design.
Celtic St Justin brooch

A stylish Celtic inspired piece by St Justin jewellery. Pewter made and also it is signed on the back. This is a large Celtic inspired piece in pewter by St Justin available in its original box.In May 2013, the Miracle company moved to Cornwall where it will now being produced.

Miracle Jewellery History:

First produced in Birmingham, England in 1946. It produced the famous Mizpah designs that were first made by the Quarrier Ward and Ward Brothers over 100 years ago. The Mizpah jewellery was set with the purple Bohemian glass that look like amethyst and glass Cairngorm stones in its yellow orange colour.
Silver made jewellery was also produced in the Miracle, Ward Brothers and W Johnson designs. Hand crafted with engraving and completed with real semi precious gemstones.
Although its sad that Birmingham is at the end of an era for Miracle. It is still continuing the Ward Brother’s legacy. We at Jewels & Finery are very glad that the company has remained in the UK.

rare miracle broochmiracle jewellery signature
On this page we will show case the Miracle, Mizpah and St Justin jewellery that we have sourced and photographed. Many can be found on the main website. Some will have been sold though. We will be leaving them in view so that you can see the many designs and information. Please take a look.
Cherub Miracle Creation jewelleryMiracle creation signature Mizpah jewelleryMizpah jewellery stamp
Mizpah jewellery stamp = 2 hearts with an arrow through. (not to confuse with Mizpah Victorian pieces)

st justin celtic jewellerySt Justin jewellery mizpah jewellerymizpah stampMizpah jewellery st justin St Justin jewellery SJC - st justin SJC mark used by St Justin early in companies history.
pin wheel brooch by St JustinSt Justin Miracle jewellery.Modern Miracle
miracle welsh dragon jewellery red
Popular Miracle Welsh jewellery 2000s to recent.

Below are the Miracle, St Justin, Mizpah, Ward Brothers, WBS and Sol D'Or that we may have available for sale and to buy from across our website.We also have Celtic & Scottish jewellery by other companies available.

Miracle jewellery and St Justin jewellery we have to purchase - see below.