Masculine Tie Mastery Stratton vintage advert 1961

Masculine tie mastery Stratton vintage advert 1961

This 1960s vintage advert from Stratton has the title "Masculine tie mastery with Stratton pinit tie holder". It shows three different tie pins produced by Stratton of Birmingham, England in 1961.

On the tie picture is the gilt sword tie pin that is set with mother of pearl. In the top box shows the polished gilt oval tie pin that presses into the tie and secure with the clutch grip behind. Then attach the slip bar into a shirt button. The caption is that the tie is held a floating captive. Below in the second box for a gilt golf club pinit with an imitation pearl as the golf ball. The pinits were available from stores, outfitters and jewelers or from Horne Brothers at 415 Oxford street, London, W1.

Stratton & Co seem to have a very long history (1860 to around 2006) and produced jewellery for men, compacts, lipstick cases, cigarette cases, hair pins, badges, flags, knitting and crochet needles, gifts and fancy good, as well as radio components. They were responsible for taking over another well known company of men and women's jewellery, Kigu. Before in 2000s becoming part of Firmin & Sons.

This vintage advert for Stratton pinit jewellery is very useful in dating the three tie pins illustrated and described, as well as the style of the jewellery boxes shown. 

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stratton pinit tie advert 1960s