Loyalty Points

Our brilliant Loyalty Point system is in place. So please sign up at the checkout.
For every full £1 spent on our website on our jewellery or accessories, you can accumulate 1 point. At present each point is worth 0.05p (which is a 5% discount) off your next order. 

To get this discount, you must first create an account by adding your email address and creating a password. 

Then every time you log in and add an item to the shopping cart; you will be able to see the number of points and value that you can redeem from previous purchases (providing that you created an account at the start).

This will be displayed below the balance. Once you wish to redeem the points, just click on the redeem button and the value will be deducted.

The points are only available for 12 months from the date of your last purchase.

The minimal point value before redemption is just 1 point.

Unfortunately at present you can not accumulate loyalty points if you pay by PayPal Express. Due to the restraints of the payment gateways.

So don't forget to create an account. Unless you sign up for our newsletter. We do not use the point's information to email you. 

Correct as of February 2019.