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Lambourne & Sophos jewellery or Accessory guide. Buy online available.

Lambourne's jewellery guide and information about this companies history. They also include Sophos products in their long history of selling jewellery and accessories just for men. Lambourne started out in Birmingham, Great Charles Street in 1868. This was and still is the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. Started by Barrett Lambourne producing buttons, spats, braces and studs for upper class men. Catering for men they expanded their business over the years and moved to Great Hampton Row, Birmingham (1932) and had another factory in Leominster. It retained its ownership under the Lambourne family until 1981, when it was sold to the Arnold Wills Group. Then in 1999 it was brought by Magnificent Mouchoirs, who changed their name to the Mag Mouch in 2004. The company are based in Rutland, England and are still in business today. They still use the name Sophos as well as Mag Mouch and Harris Tweed.

In their history they have made shoe spats, sock suspenders, badges, buttons, tie retainers, collar studs, leather belts, watch chains, cufflinks, crested badges, tie pins, tankards and cufflinks for many clubs, schools and regiments.
sophos mens setsophos signature Sophos vintage advert 1955
Sophos vintage advert taken from the "Picture Post2 December 19th 1955.

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