James Walker 1950s Ring Advert: Yours For Ever

James Walker 1950s ring advert: Yours for ever

One name that appears across the decades is James Walker, a jewelers in London. Here is one such advert of theirs from May 1958 titled yours for ever.
This ring advert was in the Wide World Magazine – The true adventure magazine for men. It shows 4 of their diamond rings all in black and white. The jewelers was then found at Dept 19, Century House, Streatham, London, SW 16. This building is now luxury flats.

James Walker has a long pedigree from 1823, when they started out in Peckham, London. In the period between 1907 and 1923 they were amalgamated with another company Sanders & Co. However in the 1920s they again separated making 2 new companies of James Walker and Sanders & Co. But in 1969 the two companies came together again as James Walker. By the 1980s it was the largest jewelers in the UK . In 1984 James Walker was sold to H Samuel which later became part of the Ratners group. Apparently there is a large amount of written and published material with catalogues in Lambeth archives for this company.

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james walker yours for ever ring advert