Handmade Native American Fetish necklace | Wood & Animal beads

Handmade Native American Fetish necklace

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Modern pre owned.
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Handmade Native American fetish necklace

This is a wooden bead necklace in the Native American style of fetish beads. A modern late twentieth century animal shaped beads that has hand carved giraffe, hippopotamus, tiger,elephant and leopard. Complete with wood hand painted beads of brown wood color as well as black and white. Fetish necklaces are believed to give the owner power from the animal's spirit and are very nature spiritual. More wooden jewellery is available.

Length 60 cm or 24 inch.
No clasp, made of pressed wood and a modern Asian import.
Pre owned modern. 
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Brand Fetishes
Code 12515138
Condition Used
Weight 0.09kg
color brown/black/white