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Handmade Jewellery | Recycled Jewellery | Eco Friendly Ethical Jewellery.

Many one of a kind in our handmade jewellery collection. Many made from using recycled jewellery parts or upcycled bits that are just usually thrown away as waste materials. Mixed with natural material of wood and stone to be as eco-friendly & ethical as we can be. Using silver, metals, wood, plastic, felt and material, to produce something incredible and different or contemporary for you to wear. UK free delivery and we ship worldwide at an extra cost.

In this inexpensive and exclusive handmade accessory collection – you will find:

·         Handmade jewellery – Handcrafted jewellery that is new from UK designers for both men & women. With handmade jewellery bracelets, handmade brooches, handmade necklaces, handmade rings, handmade hair clips and accessories.    

·         Recycled jewellery – Using beads, fabric, lace, old jigsaws, toy parts, metal parts, coins and plastic that is normally thrown away. This is work in progress and we hope to bring you many great designs in our unique recycled collection. From using bottle tops, ring pulls, plastic shrinked and shaped. We will bring you an inspiring range of recycled jewellery to wear.   

·         Eco-friendly & Ethical jewellery – This fabulous website is overall very eco-friendly. Re-using and recycling. Utilizing parts from nature and sea inspired shells. Then using a small amounts of sea glass or sea plastic, collected from UK beaches on ours travels. We are predominantly sell costume jewellery, but believe that we should be re-using rhinestone and diamante as well as gemstones; originally used in older jewellery that has now become very worn and cannot be used as originally intended. Of course, it is impossible to know where the stones originally came from. But by re-using it has less of an impact on our environment.

Getting something handmade and handcrafted will give your attire a whole unique look. You will be helping us to become more environmentally friendly as well as looking good. Easy to shop and buy with ease in this fabulous collection.    

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