Explaining Celtic symbols in jewellery

Explaining Celtic symbols on Celtic jewellery.

We adore Celtic symbols on jewellery here on Jewels & Finery UK. So we have compiled a short information page on some of the symbols used in their design. The Celts were a dominant race who lived across Europe but were eventually over run by the Romans and other races. Today In the UK, we have small pockets of Celtic jewellery tradition still that produce Celtic brooches and other reproduction jewellery.

This ancient culture were very spiritual and strongly believed in the naturalistic world around them. So the natural world was worshiped and revered Water, air, fire and the earth itself was part of their every waking day and it showed in their jewellery, sculpture, weapons and clothing. Little is known about the Celtic meanings but the following is thought to have been some of the symbolism explained.

Some of their symbols used were:

Zoomorphic designs featuring animals, fish, insects and birds that represent the Celtic spirit. Evolution was such a mystery to them that it was worshiped in all forms.

An eagle represented celestial and solar symbolism. The goat was fertility. A bull for immense strength and of course fertility. Geese for protection and the stag deer as the tree of life and virility. It was also renowned for regeneration. The hare belonged to the Otherworldly, the realm of the dead and the Gods and spirits. Horses were also for fertility enhancing sexual libido and abundance with great beauty. Clairvoyance was symbolized by fish with wisdom showing a salmon. The snake or serpent was used to show healing and wisdom as well as fertility again.

Mythical creatures also appear in Celtic culture with the dragon an almighty guardian of their world.

Singe spirals were a major feature in Celt designs because of the association on shells and in nature. It was the energy radiating out or inwards and of birth and growth towards manhood and wisdom. There were many different forms of spirals that have many other meanings and we will explore them in later blog posts.

Celtic knots and knot work is so easily recognized as being Celtic in origin. It is an endless or mystic knot that shows a timeless nature and spirituality as many of the knots do not have a beginning or end.

This is just a short guide as Celtic meaning are many and very complex.
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