Clarks vintage badge Lucky Two Shoe Club by Fattorini | 1950s

Clarks vintage badge Lucky Two Shoe Club

Product code: 12515027
1950s - 1960s
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1950s to 1960s vintage badge from Clarks shoe company by Fattorini & Sons, Birmingham, UK. Inscribed Lucky Two Shoe Club and League of foot freedom on the red enamel. Shaped like a lucky horse shoe and unfortunately having the shoe dangle missing. Given to a child when they brought their first pair of Clarks shoes. they joined the club and received a birthday card every year. Fabulous marketing by the company.

Size 2.8 x 4 cm.
Looks very vintage now and missing the dangle.
However a fabulous childhood memory and also by the famous company Fattorini.
Inscribed on the reverse - Fattorini & Sons 36 Barr St, B'Ham.
C style clasp fastening with a wiggle to the pin.


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Brand Fattorini & Sons
Code 12515027
Condition Used
Weight 0.02kg
color red/silver
brand Fattorini & Sons