Ciro’s idea of a watch advert 1938

Ciro's idea of a watch advert from 1938.

Here is another old vintage advert from Ciro Pearls. This one is titled "Ciro’s idea of a watch". Appearing in November 1938 in the Weldon’s Ladies Journal magazine. This 1930s magazine actually had 3 adverts from Ciro. This is the first we will be showing and the others will be shown at a later date.

This vintage advert for jewellery shows two solid gold watches from Ciro Pearls that are good quality and also came in stainless steel and super chrome cases.

Ciro produced all sorts of jewellery. Some signed and some not. Most famous for their pearls and clips. If we any Ciro Pearls jewellery for sale then you will find it by typing Ciro in our search facility. We do not however sell watches.

watch advert by Ciro pearls