Ciner Jewelry

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Ciner jewelry is imported from the US. Originally from New York city and started by Emmanuel Ciner in 1892 producing fine silver and gold jewellery at the beginning. The company started to produce jewellery made from non precious metals in 1931. Focused on producing high quality pieces that were top class. Fashion pieces like the fine jewelry were hand crafted to their previous high standards. Still in production today and sold in stores across the USA. The company continued under his sons and then further family. 

Known for using high quality glass beads in their pearl styled necklaces and other bead inspired necklaces. The faux pearl beads were originally from Japan and the glass was subjected to multi layers of pearlized enamel to achieve that look of fresh water pearls. Also to make sure that did not peal easily.

Also famous for top class Swarovski rhinestones used in their jewelry and richly enamelled Ciner brooches, earrings and bracelets. They also use excellent thick plating techniques in gold and silver. The gold plating is usually in 18 carat gold.

Elizabeth Taylor owned many Ciner jewelry pieces in her fabulous collection of jewels and other famous people are known to like and buy them as well including Queen Sophia of Spain. Angelina Jolie wore Ciner earrings during a photoshoot in the 90s.

Highly collectible, especially the figural jewelry in animals, bird and figures including bees, owls, elephants, fish and clowns. But not forgetting the many different Ciner brooches, Ciner earrings including clip, rings, bracelets and bangles, watches and necklaces. Watch out for their range of compacts and lipstick cases as well.

Jewellery is marked Ciner. But it is impossible to tell the date of each piece from the mark. Care must be taken to see age and dating as the designs may have been used again in more vintage style pieces. 

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