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A cameo is a raised image inserted onto a piece of jewellery. It may be carved in the well known material shell. Made famous by the Victorians. Or in glass, agate, plastic, resin, lava or any other materials that can be carved or used to manufacture pretty cameo jewellery. Intaglio is the opposite of a cameo. With the image carved into the material.

Cameo jewellery has been around for many years. They have been found in ancient archaeological sites and we know the Egyptians were fond of them. Cameos became very popular in the reign of Queen Victoria. Many carved cameo were brought back as souvenirs of Italy, when the upper class toured the continent. 

We have vintage cameo jewellery to new ones available - So there is something for everyone. Free UK delivery & we post worldwide. Buying a romantic or unique piece will bring a stylish addition to your attire.