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England was famous for its bone china jewellery, but many countries produced pottery and ceramic jewellery as well. So here are the names of companies that were known to have produced porcelain jewellery or had pottery jewellery made for them. Most were produced in the twentieth century and Victorian period in the UK. Along with ceramic jewellery and pottery jewellery (which is a bit more internationally made). Also names associated with pottery or china pieces, we have started to catalogue.

Bone China Jewellery companies that have their names on the reverse or on boxes and tags.

Bilston.  Bilston stamp on back of bone china pendant Bilston stamp on the back of a bone china pendant.
Crown Crown staffordshire bone china jewellery mark Made in Staffordshire in England.
Dorothy Ann
Crown Staffordshire - Charles Rose, Crown, Neil Harris, The antique floral collection (dried flowers). For a leaflet explaining the Crown English jewellery see our blog.
Adderley Floral.
coalport bone china
Royal Worcester 
Healacraft - founded Ireland in 1976 to 1989. This Irish company produced fine bone china jewellery, ornaments and crockery. Has made in England on the reverse - so must also have had a factory based in England.
healacraft bone china
Winton Square - made in England & also made crockery china.

Ceramic jewellery


Pottery jewellery

Wedgwood - Jasper Ware
Poole - see our blog for more information on Poole.
Delft - mass produced in Holland and the Netherlands. Blue & white Delftwear was mainly produced in figurines and home wear. However some can be found in jewellery. Earrings, necklace pendants and brooches are to be found. You can also find handmade Delft pieces, where a broken piece of Delt china has been used.  

Each will be researched and information will be on a separate page soon.

bone china jewellery information  Crown England bone china box

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