Hello, welcome to Jewels Bits BlogTwo2 – well this is just one of the blogs we have that is for enhancing our website Jewels and Finery in the UK. To bring you all the great news about our website and articles. We will of course be showcasing some fabulous jewellery.

This is our unique blog which has some quirky jewellery information, news about our website. Reviews on jewellery books, Then we have directories and guides we produce to help you with looking after your jewellery and other vintage items. So bookmark this page and check back regularly to see what we have to write about this month.
sue and daughter 

I am Sue (that is really me above with our daughter) The author of all the blog posts and I am also the part owner of our online jewellery store. I like all sorts of jewellery from old to the new and of course the quirky kind. But I have never been a fan of the designer stuff or gold and diamonds. Just buying something at an inflated price, because it is “designer” is not me. So do not expect lots of designer stuff on here. Something different has always caught my eye. Something maybe dramatic, colourful or just that little bit unusual. Never following the fashion trail, I have always worn what was right for me and always looked good. Have the confidence to be a bit different and stand out from the crowd. It will get you noticed and remembered.
I have a great belief also that we should recycle and if we don’t our planet will suffer. Save the world for our children, etc. So we started Jewels & Finery selling second-hand jewellery in 2008 and have gone from strength to strength.
This Jewels Vintage Bits Blog will be for signposting to what we have added new, our latest news with delivery days over the holiday periods and also showing you what we have written on our other blogs. Including our websites information guides.
So bye from me for now. Don’t forget to bookmark or Tweet, Facebook like and Instagram heart us, please.