Alchemy Carta LTD jewellery information

Alcemy Carta Ltd - Jewellery information.

This is for information on the company Alchemy Carta LTD in the UK, who provide Gothic and alternative lifestyle jewellery, accessories and other products. We have put together a list of UK and international jewelry makers both vintage and today to help with identifying, dating and also collecting their jewellery. In our opinion here on Jewels & Finery, Alchemy is one - no the best suppliers of this type of product. Alchemy first started in the 1970s in England, we know it was 1977 as its on their logo!  They have continued to grow and are now the foremost Alchemy Gothic producers. For a great read and a more in depth history read this.

alchemy 1977 the alternative lifestyle logo

In 1982 Alchemy Metal-Wear was released as their original collection - it was in the old school and hardcore metal style. In 2011 it was revisited and improved by Alchemy. Other names associated with this company are Alchemy 1977, UL 13 Alchemy, UL 17 Alchemy, Alchemy Poker, Musical Alchemy, Alchemy Gothic, Alchemy Empire, Alchemy England Apparel, Deco Gothique, St Aidensware Underdog and A 1977.
alchemy metal wear

Alchemy sell not only jewellery and accessories for men and women but also fob watches, wrist watches, medals, ties, shaving apparel, buttons, lighters, belt buckles, bags, wallets, purses, candleholders, vases, glassware, shot glasses, tableware, goblets, tankards, cigarette cases, crystal balls, mirrors, tarot cards, playing cards, walking canes, skulls, posters, plaques, patches, flags and t-shirts. All embellished in skull, coffin, bat, raven, red roses, crosses and a whole load of more Gothic and Victoriana Steam Punk imagery.
alchemy trade marks used 

Above are the trade marks used by Alchemy and found on all their items in some form or other. They are a company well worth following and also acquiring vintage and pre owned items from their past collections; as they will be very sought after in the future.
marks on a Alchemy Gothic necklace   

Marks on the back of an Alchemy Gothic necklace.