Age/Condition Terms

Age and the condition terms explained that are used on this website.

We sell a mixture of real vintage, antique, second hand and new jewellery - as well as items that have been recycled and are handmade. With around 2000 items for sale at any one time - that means we have a huge mixture of different ages/conditions in jewellery and accessories for you to buy. 
So here are the terms that you will encounter as you read each description. Because most of our pieces come without a label - we have to estimate the age on the looks and also the components/materials that have been used. The majority of our vintage/pre owned items are clean and ready to wear again. Occasionally we have a very rare item that is not wearable, but for collection purposes only. It will state this clearly in the description.

Please make sure you read the description before purchase. We have a system where you can click on the photographs that will enlarge for you to see each a little more clearly. However if you do not like something or it does not fit - you may return the item as we have a no quibble guarantee - see free UK delivery

Age explained:

Antique - an item that is over 100 years old.
Vintage - an item that is between 100 and 20 years old at least.
Pre owned - age between 20 years and now, but has been previously owned by some one else. We designate this as "2000s" on our filter facility. 
Second hand - anything that has been owned before irrelevant of age.


New - this item is brand new.
Excellent - this item has been previously owned but has not been worn or has very little wear.
Very good - may have small minor imperfections from previous use. That is minor markings/minimal scratching/ pin wiggle.
Good - showing its age and has more visible markings/missing stones/wear to the metal plate. The full condition is described in the description of the piece.
Okay - very vintage looking and only suitable to use for collecting rather than for wear.

Recycled - either part of the item has been re-enameled as the plate was worn and so unsuitable for wearing in its pre-recycled state. Or vintage/used parts have been used to make another piece that can be now worn.
Handmade - either it is a piece that has been handmade/ hand enameled in the past = vintage handmade. Or it is a piece from today that has been handmade and new. It will be in the description.

We have tried to show you the size and fit of an item with a bust that is about size 10 UK. Also by using a real person's hand - you can easily compare the shape and size. But as you wouldn't walk into a shop, pick an item of the rack and just throw it into your basket. Take a little time to check out the description. It will confirm if it is suitable and what you are looking for before buying.

Thank you for looking at our website. It is constantly evolving and we are adding more items daily. So please bookmark to come back and look again. 

Sue & Mark - Jewels & Finery.