About Us

Jewels and Finery is a family based company in Solihull UK. There are two of us - a husband and wife team. Mark - who is the boss and does all the driving, deals with all our parcels and just about anything else that is required. Sue - I do some of the writing and research as a jewellery historian. Also taking some responsibility for running the website and social media activities. We both love to source the unique items we sell. A small but effective team that has been going now for over 32 years (doesn't time fly far too fast!). With only the occasional disagreement! 

We sell a wide range of affordable costume jewellery, accessories and gifts for both women and men from across the last 150 years - from antique to vintage, pre owned and new, including recycled and handmade items. We like to source the unusual and unique, especially English made jewellery and home ware, different glass beads and that oh so useful material plastic. We have now over 1700 different items to choose from. With every page a mix of old and new that is aimed at adding variety and uniqueness to your look or home.    

We first opened our virtual doors in 2008. We have always sold real original jewellery that was antique or vintage. Then we expanded to also sell pre owned jewellery - from the nineties to more modern day. In 2012, we increased the amount of new jewellery and silver jewellery we had available. Introducing limited collections from Festival Susie and Gothic White Witch not found any where else. In 2013 we extended our range to include more accessories of trinkets, scarves and ties. 2014 saw more jewellery, accessories and a new re-vamp of our website. In 2017, we intend to recycle many of the thousands of beads that we have accumulated into handmade items. So we have changed slightly from Jewels and Finery to www.vintageandhandmadejewels.com

2017 brings further challenges of online selling. This year, we expanded our Gothic and alternative jewellery, accessories & home ware. With more vintage jewellery and more accessories added to Jewels & Finery, as well as vintage home accessories. We started of the years with a whole new look - hope you like it and our name is still JEWELS AND FINERY on vintage and handmade jewels. 

We still do not follow the rules of fashion, but expand and go around corners to bring the most unusual and unique pieces we can find. Lots of historical and themed reproduction with kitsch, retro and just fabulous jewels. We do have a panache for plastics though! Stand out from the crowd - why look like everyone else? has always been our mantra. Now with granny chic and save the planet fashion at its most popular, we have so much to accessorize your wardrobe and home. All our product's information, blog posts, any other information on this website and it's blogs, including all photographs are copyrighted. We only sell exclusively from this website, and have no other agents or have any other affiliated company involved as a third party for selling any of our products. Other than www.vintageandhandmadejewels.com.    

Love Vintage.

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