A guide to ties and tie maker companies

 Guide to ties and tie maker companies sourced in the UK

This will be work in progress as we source pre-owned ties. We hope to produce a list with information of the tie manufacturers and designers that we have found here in the UK. We are sure it will be of interest to a collector of ties. As well as someone who loves to wear vintage and men's neck wear. Bookmark this page as we will be added information as we go along. For our vintage ties for sale currently.
  • Alister Read Ties - made in England in Preston, UK. Produces corporate and club ties and scarves. They have been in production for 60 years.
  • Amies Hardy - Hardy Amies are still based at Savile Row in London UK. They produce upmarket ties and other men's wear. 
          hardy amies tie label
  • Atlas Designs - Started in 1943 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Making ties, handkerchiefs and other men's accessories. Producing affordable and in a timeless design. Global company with ties to Italy. Greg Hunt is one of the designer styles.
greg hunt atlas ties
  • Austin Reed - Started in the 1900s selling men's wear. Opened its first store in Regent Street in London UK. Still in business today. 
  • BHS - British Home Store - unknown detail to this store that has been around a good few years. They now do food, furniture and mail order. 
  • Boots Fashion - this large company had ties produced for them as well as the usual toiletries and accessories. Made in Great Britain on the label.
         Boots label on tie   
  • Buckingham – made in Sussex, England. Limited editions of prints and handmade. Upper end of the tie market.
  • Carnaval De Venise - Germany company started in 1985. They sold men and boy's apparel and footwear. Not sure, but it looks as though they have just stopped trading. Handmade ties in Italy. With an Italian derived name is confusing.
carnaval de venice mens ties
  • Courtaulds - 1794 - 1990s UK based company that produced man made fabrics, clothing and textiles. Its brands included Berlei, Gossard, Pretty Polly, Elbeo and Aristoc. It sold to Marks and Spencer and other stores. Produced clothing in cellulosics - acetate and viscose. It had many factories and warehouses across the UK at its height.
          Courtaulds label     
  • Debenhams – International store that started in London in 1778 as a drapers. Expanding over the years it is renowned for high quality items. Ties made in the UK available.
  • Disney Store - Sold from the Disney stores, parks and other outlets under the Disney Store brand. Many are exclusive to the shops.
disney store tie label
  • D P T (Wear) LTD - 1947 - today. Textile company from Hertfordshire, UK that sell worldwide. They sell ties, shirts and formal wear as well as Alida health and beauty products (which they started in 2007).
  • Duggie Cravat - Sorry but can not find a great deal about this tie company. But they did make a lot of cravats over the years. Made in Great Britain.
            Duggie Cravat label
  • Estier Jacques - Jacques Estier seems to have produced ties for the London, Paris and New York market. This is apparently a trade mark of The Tie King of Brooklyn New York. Last renewed their mark in 2003 - 2004. The name appears to have been used since 1978.
         jacques estier label in tie
  • Hunt Greg - See Atlas Designs.
  • ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries) - 1926 - 2008. English, but now taken over by a Dutch company in 2008. It was the biggest manufacturing company of the British Empire and produced chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Then it branched out into other manufactured goods. It is famous for Perspex (1932), Dulux paint (1932), Polythene (1937), Terylene (1941), Crimplene (1950s), Sunbeam motorcycles (until 1937) and was a multi billion pound world wide producer.
ici terylene label on tie     
  • Italiana – little information available on this company. Made in England is on them.
  • Kinch & Lack - from dates unknown to today. British men's wear and leading UK school uniform specialist retailers. Based in Guildford, Surrey.
  • Littlewoods - 1923 - 2005, although continues in name as a mail order company. Started of a betting shop in Liverpool, expanded into mail order for women's wear initially in 1932 and by 1937 opened it first shop of many. It was one of the most recognisable high stores in the UK and Europe.
  • Mickey Unlimited - Disney branded tie. From what I can find, is that this is a licensed brand from the Disney company. Sold in US stores. Famous for it's 1990s clothing with Disney characters on. 
Mickey unlimited label
  • Meakers - 1919 - 1979. High class tailors in London. Their head office was 47 - 48 Piccadilly, W1. Once had about 30 branches around London and England. Sold ties, suites, shirts, etc.
  • Michael - see St Michael.
  • Paolo Vincente - little found on this designer/shop. English made and of very good quality.
  • Portofino - Italian and usually handmade silk. Very collectible and quite bold quality ties. Made in Italy in small production runs and no longer produced.
         portofino hand made label on tie 
  • Paul Smith - 1970 - now, British designer who makes men's and women's fashion clothing and accessories, shoes, rugs, china, spectacles and perfume. Global company who have items made in both Britain or Italy.
  • Playboy - The merchandising for the American Playboy Enterprises has been licensed in many countries. Complete with the Playboy Bunny logo.
Playboy logo on tie 
  • Plus - Made in England and our sample was 100% polyester. Has a red and blue cross logo across the black written Plus name. Unknown brand. 
plus tie label
  • Principles For Men - started in 1985 until the late 1990s/early 2000s. Was part of the Burton Group within the Principle shopping brand.
principles for men
  • River Island - Founded in London in 1948. Now a well known name on the high street and across the globe. With stores in the UK, Ireland, Asia, Poland, Russia, Europe, Peru and more in the pipe line. In 1965, they become Chelsea Girl until 1988, when they re branded into River Island. Selling ladies, men and children's wear. Men's wear since 1982.
river island ties  
  • Rockfield London - Appear to have been in production in the 1970s to 1980s. Made in England and produced in the "kipper" style and fabulous 70s disco ranges. The label below was from around 1986. I know because this was the tie my husband wore when we got married. Note the colour red. Him and his best man, turned up in red ties and white jackets. They looked like waiters. Bit annoyed, as asked him to wear a colour that complemented the peach bridesmaids dresses!!
rockfield tie label  
  • Roberto London – One of the oldest manufacturing groups who out started in 1857. They make ties for corporations, branded, schools & clubs. Alongside having a major retailing presence. Great Britain is used on some of the tie as opposed to Britain or the UK, which seems to suggest some age to some of them.
roberto tie label
  • Sphinx - unknown company that is probably Australian as silk tie labelled Australia made. Looks vintage so may no longer be around? 
  • St Michael – brand name for Marks and Spencer, quality British retailer. Started with a single market stall in Leeds in 1884 and still going strong today. Ties made in Britain.
        St Michael label marks and spencer tie label silk
  • Tern - no information. Made in Britain ties though.
           Tern ties label
  • Tie Rack - 1981 - 2013. Started in England in the early 1980s by Roy Bishko, a South African who wanted good quality ties at a competitive price. At its height of success in the late 1990s it had 450 stores in 31 countries. It specialised in small stores in airports, railways and shopping centers and sold not only ties but scarves, cufflinks, necklaces, belts and other men and women's fashion accessories. In 1999 Tie Rack was sold partially to the Italian corporation Frangi Designs. Later to be brought out and to become part of the Fingen Group in Italy. In late 2013 it was announced that the remaining 44 store were to be sold and just leaving 9 airport stores and a presence online. 2000 - Branding became Collezioni and Tie Rack. In 2001 it changed to Frangi and Tie Rack. 2008 - The logo has London printed in as well as Tie rack. Designers who have designed ties are Ian Lorenzo.
tie rack ties
  • Tootal - 1799 - now, Originally a British company from Manchester. Produced ties, scarves, and men's wear as well as sewing cotton. Several name enhancements and ownership changes through their long history. "Cavendish" was on one of their ties and it we are assuming because once the company' London address was Cavendish Square.
         tootal tie label tootal vintage ties Tootal ties vintage advert 1950s Tootal Ties vintage advert May 27th 1950. Taken from "Illustrated"
Tootal label on tie
  • Topman - World reaching company of men's wear. Started out in 1978 and still continues today.      
  • UNICEF – The world’s leading organisation that raises money for children and campaigns for their rights. Sells various merchandise to raise money. Silk ties included as well as sports wear for men. Made in the USA.
          Unicef label Haddon hall inspired for Unicef  
  • Van Heusen - Famous men's wear producer from Pennsylvania, USA. This family run company started in 1881, with father Moses Philips and son Isaac selling the handmade products from his wife Endel and daughters. Now a global business and still in production today.
van heusen ties
  • Vincenza Fumagalli - Another Italian tie producer. Usually hand made and of high quality silk.
        vicenza tie label
  • Warner Brothers - famous for their cartoons of course produced a lot of novelty ties. The company was founded in the 1920s, but today most of their ties are modern and some dated. But great to collect in many bright colourful cartoon and comic characters.
         warner brothers tie label looney tunes warner brothers tie label daffy duck

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