In the sixties I was given a home shopping brochure by Sarah Coventry jewelry and asked to choose a piece of jewellery. My nan was holding a party and at about 9 I was too young to go. But I have never forgot about this brochure with so many pieces to choose from.

This American C H Stuart company started out in about 1949 selling jewelry by both Sarah Coventry and Emmons. As they were often identical, they used the same names and information on cards and brochures.

Emmons was the first to promote quality costume jewellery. At first the jewelry was not signed until the mid 1950s. Then the signature was “EmJ”. Later on they were marked “Emmons”. Also you will find them stamped “Caroline” and “Caroline Emmons”. The Emmons jewelry started in 1949 until 1981.

Sarah Coventry started selling at home fashion parties in 1949. So successful, they became international and sold in the UK, Canada, Belgium and Australia. It is known that some of the Sarah Coventry jewellery was actually made in the UK. Again the early pieces were unsigned and then with “SAC” from the middle of the fifties until about 1961. “SC” was also used in the later part of the fifties and very early sixties. The mark “SC” was revived in the eighties, so be warned. “Sarah Cov” came in during the fifties as well until the start of the eighties. In the seventies jewellery was stamped “Sarah Coventry” and “Coventry” With just “Sarah” used in the seventies and eighties. I also believe that the mark “Sarah” was used when the company was revived in the 2000s. It is no longer in production.

This jewellery blog has been started to show case all the Sarah Coventry jewelry that we have obtained and will be an on going project as with our other vintage designer blog posts.

large Pinwheel broochPinwheel brooch by sarah Coventrysarah cov markThe above large brooch is by Sarah Coventry called Pinwheel. Circa late 1960s to 1970s.sarah coventry ringThis pretty ring is from Sarah Coventry and is also marked UK as well as Sarah Cov.Peta Lure earrings from Sarah CoventryThe above is a pair of earrings called Peta Lure circa 1960s and also it has a matching brooch available see below.

Peta Lure brooch sarah Coventry

pearl pin Sarah CoventryThis pretty pin can also be turned into a pendant as has a loop in the middle. Faux pearls and unnamed, circa 1960s.

sutumn haze pineapple brooch sarah covThis superb piece is called Autumn Haze and the orange faceted pineapple stone does shine really well and is a focal point. 1960s.

water lily brooch sarah coventryThis water lily jewellery has bright gold contrasting with white petals. Just perfect for a summer day. 1960s with matching earrings also made at the time.

fern brooch sarah coventry

back showing srah coventry canada mark Fern brooch from Sarah Coventry Canada. Showing the marking to the back.

star burst brooch pendantEarly 1960s Star-Burst brooch from Sarah Cov. Could also be used as a pendant. This pretty fruit jewellery has matching earrings as well.

Silver cascade earringsThe above are Silver cascade earrings – clips from the 1950s to 1970s collections. A popular jewellery also made in a necklace.

sarah coventry pin ukNot sure what this pretty amber glass centered brooch is called. But it is by sarah Coventry.

This is just a small sample as we are re-photographing and sourcing even more of our growing large collection to show here. Please see our website for any Sarah Coventry jewelry and accessories we have to buy at this moment.