This week we have been adding rings in plastic and acrylic. Plastic rings of this kind are so suitable for collecting. Not only are they a reasonable price, but they have been produced over the years in a wide variety of resin materials and so many different plastic material, looks or styles.

love resin ring
Love resin ring in black & white
pink flower acrylic ring
Pink flower acrylic ring with a black band

Acrylic rings have a wide range of finishes. the transparent material can be tinted and have small items imbedded into it. So you will find diamante, glitter, small shells and the such like. Plastic rings can also be “reverse carved”, well today its really machine carved. This is where the back has the shape cut out and then colored to contrast with the background. It is then viewed from the front – as in the pink and black ring above.

Plastic rings can be in the early plastic materials of Bakelite, Celluloid, Galilith – they tend to be more expensive But the more modern resins and Lucite ring materialis very much cheaper. How about collecting rings that are made for kids. Children’s rings or fun ones like this red ring below that opens for lip gloss. Available from magazies, crackers, cheap holiday accessories, toys and even cup cake toppers. Of course the lip gloss rings were an idea taken from poison rings. Poison rings as originally called that because they usually contained poison. Popular in the Elizabethan times. Used by assassins and some wives! Later the idea was used by scent manufacturers and they held solid perfume. Still available today. All very collectible.

gold clear acrylic ring
Gold & clear acrylic ring
red bow plastic ring for lip gloss
Red bow plastic ring that opens for lip gloss or similar

So get adding these plastic rings to your own collection. Wear one a day or one on each finger. They are fun, bright and so eye catching.

green flecked silver resin ring
embedded silver in a green resin ring
light blue faceted acrylic ring
Pale blue faceted acrylic ring

Updated march 2019.