You may have seen the black and silver Nielloware jewelry produced in Siam now Thailand. Popular with the army folk who sent this distinctive tourist Thai Niello jewelry back to their loved ones as gifts – 1930s to 1990s. Niello is a black- grey mix of copper, silver and lead sulphides that is inlayed onto another metal usually silver that has first been shaped and engraved.

Most have a mark either sterling silver or Siam. Here we are show casing some of the items we have sourced and are available on our website.

Nielloware jewelry of Mekkala The jewelry features the Thai god and goddesses including Mekkala.

black and silver flower Neillo jewelryA floral small brooch of Niello onto silver.

An ancient technique that is unfortunately a dying trade; as from the 1990s it has not been produced because the craftmen are no longer around. This makes this very collectible.