Photographs of Monet jewellery from the past. Monet made quality pieces from the 1920s to today. First founded by two brothers – Michael and Joseph Chernow under the name Monocraft at first produced monogrammed car emblems. Monocraft originally capitalized on the monogram craze and then brothers progressed following the depression in the 1930s, not only produced jewellery but other accessories that could be monogrammed. Today the company has changed hands several times but it is still a firm favourite and has flourished under the name Monet producing many different types of jewellery and accessories.

Monet flower jewellery
Enamelled Monet flower pin
Monet signature
Monet signature with copy right marking
Monet earrings in logo box
Plastic box Monet used and logo seen.
Monet earrings
Monet earrings clipped
Monet earrings for pierced ears
Monet earrings for pierced ears
Monet earrings spiral modern
Monet necklace and bracelet set 1960s

These are just a few pieces we have photographed. As usual with our blogs – we add as we have available. For Monet jewelry to buy.

Updated 16/02/2019.