love boat fun jewelleryIf you had ever ventured to the sea side, zoo or fun fair in the sixties. You would have come across these little fun souvenir glitter jewellery pins. Multi colored and glittering with silver and gold. All enameled so that they last for ever. Available from the sixties to today in so many different themes and aimed primarily at children. From boats to hats and animals, insects and many more. There was something to collect and hold as a treasured memory of that exciting visit. Today they still can be found most as collectible and wearable vintage, with some being produced today (their back are very different and they look new). They can also be found with slightly different finishes. Here are just a few that we have sourced and as usual we add more as we take photographs. Most now show some wear as the gold covering wears to a darker color. All of the earlier pins had a C style clasp fastening but they were quite secure. They are so wearable as a kid as the glitter did not come off and they have stood the test of time as the enamel does not appear to have any damage to the ones that we find!

sixties glitter butterfly in pink bluethe back viewblack butterfly jewelleryblue and red butterfly jewellery glitter

flower butterflypink jazzy butterflygreen glitter butterflynew butterfly pinThe one butterfly above is newer than the rest and has glitter enamel to the back and a roll over clasp fastening. butterfly produced todayThis red butterfly is still being produced today. the back is in silver and looks new with a roll over clasp fastening. Butterflies in the sixties to nineties in the souvenir glitter jewellery were available in many different colors. Pink, blue, red, green and black. Glitter, jazzy and psychedelic flowers.

owl glitter jewelleryorange owl jewelleryNow lets look at the owls. Multi colored and collectible. Spot the difference to the owls above!

glitter hats

Then there was so many different hats with big bows and glittering colors in all shades and some with different finishes.

pink and yellow hat jewellerytortoise brooch in glitter enamelThen the reptiles and animals – a rare tortoise. This tortoise pin reminds me of the large ones I saw in the zoo as a child. We had one at home and always wondered if it would ever get that big!

cat jewellery glitteryellow glitter cat jewelleryNow love these cats in yellow and the first just a little different.

souvenir glitter dragonflyMore insects with a dragonfly pin in blue and silver. Whatch this space as we add more for you to view.