Today I discovered Fragonard jewellery that were of paintings from a French artist. I have always called these Limoges or portrait jewellery, until I found a Fragonard piece that was actually signed! My research has uncovered the following:

French Jean Honore Fragonard produced over 500 paintings in his lifetime from 1732 to 1806. Many in the Rococo style and many genre paintings of romanticized scenes. In the Victorian era it became popular to have these paintings on jewellery in minature. The Victorian ones will be actual hand painted onto the ceramic or other media used in the painted scene’s jewellery. Later and up to the 1980s, the scenes were prints or transfers on mock ceramic stones and mass produced – many from West Germany. Prints can be seen under a jeweler’s loop as having a dotted appearance.

I think they are fabulous and great wearable French style art. Very collectible as they come in a number of painted scenes and in brooches, earrings, necklaces, scarf clips and rings.

As usual we will add more pictures of Fragonard jewellery as photographed as well as other “scene and portrait” jewellery.

Fragonard jewelelry garden walk broochI have called this portrait Garden walk as I was unable to find the original on the web to name properly. The piece above is signed on the front Fragonard. Circa 1970s to 1980s of age and a printed transfer.

Fragonard Limoges broochSerenade with a flute – romantic Fragonard Limoges jewellery above circa 1980s.oriental painted scene jewelleryThe above oriental scene is not Fragonard but I thought I would include it here for your information. Pretty brooch that has Japanese women in a garden snap shot.

Limoges Fragonard necklaceCourting couple in the garden Limoges Fragonard necklace surrounded by faux pearl.Medieval portrait scarf clipNot a Fragonard portrait but a softer romantic image of a medieval lady captured on a scarf clip.

Remember to watch this space for more photographs of Fragonard jewellery and other portrait pieces.