Dried flower jewellery from past to present.

Dried flowers that have been picked in bloom, then carefully dried out, have been used in antique and vintage jewellery making for many centuries. The paper thin floral dried flowers, grasses and seeds do not usually retain their original colour. Becoming brown – yellow or the bright colour’s fading; however they can be carefully hand tinted to give a more brighter colouring. They make a great keepsake for flowers used in wedding bouquets, anniversaries, souvenir holiday visits or in funeral flowers. In the seventies a craze of home making jewellery using plastic moulds, brought about many dried flower brooches, earrings and pendants in circulation. Dried flowers are still used today.

Pictures of dried flower jewellery.

Below are the dried flower jewellery pieces we have sourced. Some flower brooches are still available and some now sold. This is just a resource for floral handmade accessories that we have found and a “Jewels” dried flower jewellery online museum. We will add photographs as we source new (antique/vintage/pre owned/handmade) additions.

dried flowers nestling on material jewellery
1950s dried flower brooch onto a fabric background.
red dried flower jewellery in resin
Dried grass sprigs onto a red plastic background. Circa 1960s floral brooch

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Jewels – Blogging about jewellery.