Older and vintage Avon jewelry from the sixties, seventies and onwards. From the very start of their production in 1965 until the early 2000s, most were signed but unfortunately nowadays their jewelry is identified by its box only and is unsigned in most cases. So in this jewelry blog about Avon – we will show signed pieces with an occasional few that are unsigned but interesting. Including the vintage containers now very collectible that had solid perfume in. Below is the seventies leaf brooch that once contained solid perfume. A favorite with Avon who produced a number of these different containers around the early days of their jewelry production. This one is unsigned but very easily identified.

leaf solid perfume brooch Open collectible solid perfume leafBack unsigned As usual with our blogs Рwe add more jewels as we photograph them for your interest. Now to continue with more Avon..avon cat on broomstick brooch The above Avon cat on broomstick brooch is unsigned but a great collectible.

sterling silver Avon jewelry necklaceRare is the above signed Avon jewelry – which has a modernist “wish bone” necklace style. In sterling silver and marked as such below.

Avon sterling silver mark.Boxes from Avon have changed across the years. From today’s bright metallic blue to the one below estimated as being from the nineties to early 2000s.

Cardboard Avon boxvintage Avon jewelry setThe above is stylish and beautiful Avon jewelry set in faux pearls with a necklace and earrings mathing. Very pretty and still in its original box – shown above. For any vintage Avon jewelry to buy that we may have.

Watch this space for more photographs to come….