Bright Eighties Enamel Cloisonne jewellery

It was the eighties when I noticed the bright enamel Cloisonne jewellery very much in fashion and available everywhere. Most were signed on the back and well made with fine enamel. They have stood the test of time and here we are going to showcase the many pieces of enamel that we have found. Signatures include Fish, Fish with the crown symbol, Two fishes symbol and Sea Gems UK. Some are also unsigned. Today you will still find a smaller number of companies making this rather pretty enamel Cloisonne style of jewellery. Below are some of the copyright signatures seen.

the two fishes markCrown and fish copyright signFish copyright signature on Cloisonne enamel jewellerysea gems uk

What is Cloisonne?

Cloisonne has been around for a very long time. It is a way of decorating metal with enamel. Fine wires are used to create the design and then filled in with different coloured enamel. It is not only used for jewellery but in ornaments, clothing accessories and beads as well. But in this Cloisonne jewellery blog, we are showcasing the 80s, 90s to today’s Cloisonne jewellery below. We have earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches, necklaces, keyrings…

Showcasing Cloisonne jewellery

Cloisonne floral earrings unsigned Cloisonne floral earrings unsigned.

long dropper enamel earrings

Long dropper enamel earrings in bright red and blue colours onto a navy background circa the eighties. Unsigned.

Blue cloisonne hoop earrings by fish and crown

Fabulous blue hoop Cloisonne earrings by Fish and Crown.

Pink enamel cloisonne earrings by FishPretty drops of pink Cloisonne with fuchsia flowers. Earring from Fish.

Purple cloisoone earrings by Sea Gems UKStylish enamel in a pale purple Cloisonne style pair of earrings from Sea Gems UK.Pink poppy cloisonne brooch by two fishesPretty open cut enamel jewellery brooch in pink, red and green Cloisonne design by Two Fishes.Two fishes carded fine enamel brooch Another Cloisonne piece from Two Fishes. this shows the card that it originally came on. On the reverse, it says made in Thailand.

Black and white enamel broach by Fish and CrownA lovely example by Fish and Crown of a black and white brooch in Cloisonne enamel.Fuchsia enamel brooch by Fish This is a bold enamel brooch by Fish – fuchsia flowers seemed to be a popular red enamel jewellery Unsigned black and red striking Cloisonne enamel brooch.

Enamel cloisonne swan broochMore modern circa the 2000s – swan in red, blue, green and black enamel.

Long dangling cloisonne flower jewelleryLong dangling clip style Cloisonne poppy cloisonne jewelry Love this pretty red poppy in Cloisonne – it will brighten up any outfit.

cloisonne drop earringsRed cloisonne dropper earrings circa eighties.large cloisonne broochA larger cloisonne flowerhead brooch in pink and purple. Circa late twentieth century.long dropper cloisonne earringsPretty and long dropper Cloisonne earrings in red, blue and gold colours. The 1990s of age.

Cloisonne brooch bird Striking pink and a black Cloisonne brooch of a parrot type of bird.

Parrot Cloisonne jewelleryAnother Cloisonne jewellery bird a bit more modern from the 2000s.

Cloisonne unicorn stick pinA little unusual Cloisonne unicorn stick pin in bright and cheerful colours.

black flower and butterfly cloisonne Bold Cloisonne of a black flower with a butterfly in a large brooch.Mice Cloisonne pin Fish enamels card Heather s Buchanan signed The sweet little mice pin in Cloisonne above is on a card that has the logo for Fish fine enamels. On the reverse, it is dated 1993/4 and this piece was designed for Fish by Heather S Buchanan. Quite a find for dating and identifying this pin. small flower cloisonne earringsFlowers are always a favourite for Cloisonne and the above purple and pink shaded flower earrings in Cloisonne enamel are very pretty. Clip style that was still a firm favourite as well for the eighties era.

cloisonne unicorn clamper braceletUnicorn again in this eighties Cloisonne blue clamper bangle. This style of bangle was used extensively in the eighties and nineties. It had a spring opening and fitted close to your wrist.

white flower enamel earrings Drop enamel earrings were also a firm favourite in Cloisonne. The above pretty white flower pair is for pierced ears. With this style, if you do not like the idea of having a pair of second-hand earrings then you can easily change the hooks for new ones. Many already we have made this change on our website.

butterfly trinket bowlinside butterfly cloisonne bowlAt this point. I thought I would show a Cloisonne bowl with lid. Pretty butterfly and flowers adore this bowl. But I want to draw your attention to the inside – the blue coating that you will see on Cloisonne. The darker the blue is that the older the piece. Just a handy tip for age assessment.

blue enamel cloisonne dolphin broochPretty blue enamelled Cloisonne dolphin brooch.

Cloisonne hair combCloisonne vintage hair comb by Fish with fabulous pink floral detail. Sorry now sold.

White enamel Cloisonne bracelet banglePink and white enamel Cloisonne bracelet from the eighties. We have other Cloisonne bracelets now available.

As usual, as we source and photograph our enamel Cloisonne jewellery this year. We will be adding them to this blog to build up a large record of the Cloisonne from the eighties to today that we have found.