BJL jewellery who made it? It is a mystery to many vintage costume jewellery collectors, who is behind this beautiful jewellery. It appears to have been made between the 1930s to the 1960s and seems to be very dominantly found in the UK. You will find both enamel and marcasite pieces or just enamel or just marcasite jewellery of  brooches, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. All though the necklaces and bracelets are quite rare to find. So if you have any knowledge of the company that made the jewellery please get in touch. We have had once source that seems to indicate that they may be early Coro jewellery made here in the UK. But with only one source we can not completely verify this.

BJL signature

BJL mark on foot

To jog memories here are a few pieces to help things along. As usual with Jewels News Bits jewellery blog – we will add more photographs as we find more by this maker.

enamel vintage lily brooch and matching earrings

 Signed lily flower brooch and matching clip earrings – also signed. My own collection

BJL made many pretty enamel and marcasite brooches and earrings. Looking at the style and findings of many of their pieces – they made jewellery from the 1920s up to the 1960s at least.  Not only the enamel ones but a range of vintage necklaces, brooches, earrings and bracelets.  Some of the jewellery was signed with block lettering BJL on a square plaque. But there are unsigned ones to look for.

Verified and unsigned flower and hummingbird brooch below but is by BJL 

unsigned lily and hummingbird brooch

This is an unsigned vintage brooch with a hummingbird. (own collection as wing damaged) A brooch in the same coloring was signed BJL found in America. It therefore is a verified BJL brooch. Both of these brooches are from BJL as size, findings are the same and they appear to match in design.

Which leads me to the infamous vintage lily brooch in enamel and marcasite shown below. Made in numerous colourways. Is this by BJL? The backs are very similar to the ones that are signed BJL. The lily brooches are in both pot metal with a C shaped fastening. Also they are available with rhodium plated backs and with a safety fastening. SO DO YOU HAVE this brooch with a signature? Please share any information. Until this brooch is found with a signature – it CAN NOT be verified that it belongs to this company. Unfortunately there are some sellers saying this is an unsigned early piece belonging to BJL. At this time (Feb 2015) it can not be verified so you should not claim this is true.

unsigned lily brooch not verified as being BJL

  The above lily brooch is NOT verified that it belongs to BJL 

pot metal back of lily brooch

Pot metal lily with C shaped fastening – my own collection.

cupid brooch by BJLback cupid BJL signature seen

Cupid brooch by BJL in brown enamel and marcasite.

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