happy 9 birthday Jewels & Finery

How time flies. Jewels and Finery has been selling jewellery for 9 years now. It doesn’t seem that long.

How did we get started? Many moons ago, I became ill and couldn’t walk very far. So I had to have a major rethink of my life and my ability to continue working in The National Health Service. Having my own website meant that I could work when I wanted or was able to. No bosses that were completely useless to answer to!! (You know the sort) No, having to face the rush hour traffic. No, 37 hour week to complete and a monthly pay that was much less than the work you had put in. Sound great – but it is hard work to keep on top of a website and keep selling. My health fluctuates now. But I am a great believer that things happen for a reason. So I do not dwell on the things I can not do, but find new ways to do all the things I want to do. Yes I can now move about a lot easier – though it did take 6 years to get my legs together and walk without a stick. Today it takes a lot of tablets to get going, but the biggest help is to move- even though it hurts. Because if you don’t the phrase “Use it or lose it” is true.

I started with EKM and found that I could work out how to get a website up and running. With very little knowledge of this technology, Hadn’t a clue about html, Facebook or Twitter. So I am proud to have learn along the way. With some help from other web-shop owners and from EKM themselves. Okay a lot of help!! But here we are today, not bad for a complete technophobe.

So Happy Birthday Jewels & Finery and may we continue for many years to come.