Why are unsigned jewellery beauties important and why should we become more ethical?

Unsigned beauties in jewellery, I come across quite often. Many are well-made and are quality vintage jewellery that have a really fantastic style and are very beautiful to wear.

After spending some time analysing them to see if I can attribute the way it is made to a specific company or jewellery designer. Or maybe spend time with a lens looking at the back or sides and all in the hope I will find that elusive hidden mark, I might have missed that will pin point who made it. But still it remains a mysterious unsigned beauty.

As a seller of vintage it makes a different in the price I sell it at. It may be an unsigned Selro bracelet, an early Trifari piece, a Miriam Haskell brooch or a D & E earrings beauty? All command a higher price over something that is unsigned. It also makes it so much easier to list and research its actual age. Sometimes it is possible to find the piece’s name.

Why do we need to wear designer stuff?

Personally I have never done designer. I just think it is so pretentious. Today most designer gear is made cheaply in a sweat shop in China. Then branded and sold on at a higher price. So its exploitation of the poor, as the conditions they work under could be attributed to slavery or going back to the Victorian age of deprivation. All for the sake of making shareholders some more money!

Making money seems to be all what many owners of companies care about today. Unfortunately it has been in the recent news of the conditions, here in the UK of working in one company that sells sports stuff.  They are probably not the only ones around to try and not pay people properly for the work they are doing. Treat people as though they are animals and then get shirty and deny all knowledge, when asked about how certain policies were made. We do seem to be going backwards very fast to the conditions of the Victorian era in more ways than one. Have we not learnt anything from our history???

It is time we became more ethical. Buy more unsigned beauties from sources that do not exploit their workers and it is time to abandoned the whole “designer” philosophy. Buy British or from a source of manufacture nearer home that is known to be ethical. Don’t go into the shops that are known to be un-ethical in their practices. Designer does not always mean quality and many people do need open their eyes and to look a little further than the label.

white vintage multi bead necklace

White multi vintage bead necklace of glass circa 1950s.

vintage pink blue beaded necklace
German made beautiful beaded necklace from an unsigned designer.