Yellow Jewellery this February.

This year, we have decided to have each month a colour day. So February is yellow jewellery month. We are encouraging you to wear lots of jewellery coloured yellow. Either a pale yellow or just bright in your face yellow. It is, of course, your choice. Usually, February is traditionally Valentine’s Day. This year, because it is quite over commercialized, we have chosen to go with yellow costume jewellery as our theme. First of all why the colour yellow, well it is the hint of spring with daffodils and crocus emerging. Yes and this year in the UK. It has been exceptional weather with plenty of sunshine.

yellow jewellery februaryFinding yellow jewellery on our website.

On each category, we consequently have a filter. With a colour option to choose. It is easy to see what is available in each section for example yellow necklaces or yellow earrings. But if you wish to view the whole yellow or mustard jewellery range (Mustard seems to be the in colour this spring time). Then use our search facility at the top of the page. We have free UK delivery with international delivery set at one cost where ever you live in the world. But use our currency conversion which is at the end of each page.

Look at our yellow jewellery samples now.

yellow bow earringsBohemian yellow bow earrings.yellow and red striped bangleYellow and red striped wide bangleyellow necklace of beadsYellow bead necklace yellow cravat tieYellow polka spot cravat tie

Just four brilliant examples of yellow jewellery and accessories sourced in the UK. We have a pair of yellow drop earrings, a big chunky yellow and red striped bangle. Unique yellow necklace of vintage beads. And lastly a yellow cravat tie from the 50s. Just a few of the yellow accessories we have.

Next month is the colour? Not telling yet Therefore you will just have to visit our website in March and see. But don’t wait till then. Take a look at our new additions this month.

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