Only 15 days left to Christmas to get your diamante jewellery ready to party!

Get into the party mood by wearing sparkling diamanté jewellery. With diamante jewels in so many colours. It is easy to coordinate with any outfit. Wear a pair of fabulous diamante earrings or just wear a twinkling diamante hair clip that catches the light and sparkles. Just one or two pieces of jewellery add extra sparkle to your look. But take care too much bling can make you look silly or using an old saying “mutton dressed as a lamb”

aurora vintage clip on earrings in redDon’t be a diamante jewellery bling disaster.

Don’t go overboard or you will look like a Christmas tree in disguise. One or two pieces is just enough. Too much diamante jewellery will make you look a bling disaster. Do not put on a diamante necklace with matching earrings, a crystal hair tiara with a whole arm of sparkling diamante bracelets and on every finger a dazzling ring – The result is so over the top, that selfies are out. Too much glare will make it difficult to photograph. Of course, if you are dressing up for a fancy dress party – go ahead. Or you are acting as the Dame or Widow Twankey in a pantomime then go for the full set – tiara, necklaces, earrings, bracelets galore ….

diamante christmas tree look

What diamante jewellery to choose?

With a plain black outfit wear clear diamante jewellery. If you have a red, blue or any other colour outfits – choose a matching coloured diamante or a lighter colour. However, if you are unable to find a colour that matches – play it safe and wear clear diamante pieces. One pair of diamante earrings can look stunning with a simple black dress. Or just a diamante necklace on its own with a black, red or blue dress. A matching diamante necklace with matching bracelet will look brilliant together, but take care when adding a pair of earrings – does it look too much? At Jewels & Finery, we have a huge assortment of diamanté or rhinestone jewellery from brooches to earrings, necklaces and bracelets. So take a look.

sparkling diamante earrings
What jewellery do you wear that is diamante to a party this Christmas?

Updated 16/02/2019.

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