Yellow Jewellery February

Yellow Jewellery this February.

This year, we have decided to have each month a colour day. So February is yellow jewellery month. We are encouraging you to wear lots of jewellery coloured yellow. Either a pale yellow or just bright in your face yellow. It is, of course, your choice. Usually, February is traditionally Valentine’s Day. This year, because it is quite over commercialized, we have chosen to go with yellow costume jewellery as our theme. First of all why the colour yellow, well it is the hint of spring with daffodils and crocus emerging. Yes and this year in the UK. It has been exceptional weather with plenty of sunshine.

yellow jewellery februaryFinding yellow jewellery on our website.

On each category, we consequently have a filter. With a colour option to choose. It is easy to see what is available in each section for example yellow necklaces or yellow earrings. But if you wish to view the whole yellow or mustard jewellery range (Mustard seems to be the in colour this spring time). Then use our search facility at the top of the page. We have free UK delivery with international delivery set at one cost where ever you live in the world. But use our currency conversion which is at the end of each page.

Look at our yellow jewellery samples now.

yellow bow earringsBohemian yellow bow earrings.yellow and red striped bangleYellow and red striped wide bangleyellow necklace of beadsYellow bead necklace yellow cravat tieYellow polka spot cravat tie

Just four brilliant examples of yellow jewellery and accessories sourced in the UK. We have a pair of yellow drop earrings, a big chunky yellow and red striped bangle. Unique yellow necklace of vintage beads. And lastly a yellow cravat tie from the 50s. Just a few of the yellow accessories we have.

Next month is the colour? Not telling yet Therefore you will just have to visit our website in March and see. But don’t wait till then. Take a look at our new additions this month.

Why are you not wearing Christmas Jewellery

Blue Eeyore Christmas brooch

Why are you not wearing your Christmas jewellery?

Why are you not wearing Christmas jewellery this year? Sorry but there are no real excuses. With all the drab news going around about Brexit, climate changes, crime, salt & plastic’s pollution, Blah, blah, blah. Festive jewellery made just for Christmas is a must to add a little bit more fun with Christmas spirit into your everyday and party wear.

It is your solemn duty to cheer yourself up and everyone else around you. By going a little more festive in your jewellery accessories. Yes, it is that time of year again to just relax and join in the celebrations. Christmas is a time to dust off your fabulous Christmas jewels that you already own. I am a great believer that you should not throw your jewellery away each year. But keep using again. However, if you do not own any. Then now is the time to buy. But, even if you have Christmas jewellery. I always buy another piece or two each year. So that I have an even bigger selection to choose from. I love wearing jewellery just made for Christmas, I have a growing selection of themed festive pieces of Christmas tree brooches, Jingle bells earrings and father Christmas necklaces.

Christmas jewellery is available.

On our website, we have many different Christmas jewellery available. From Christmas tree brooches to Disney characters and Bells that jingle (All the day) Here are just some below.

Blue Eeyore Christmas brooch   

We have Disney character brooches and Christmas tree necklaces to add to your everyday look. Or wear some sparkling diamante jewellery with your Santa or Elf Hat at the works Christmas party. So take a look at our great Christmas selection.

Then not forgetting New Year. Hogmanay is the time to splash out that Scottish jewellery. Wear something with a little Scottish look. How about a Scottish thistle brooch or a Stag brooch instead. Add to your top, hat or coat – if you are braving the cold outside.

One piece will set of your Christmas and New Year look. And it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Marcasite flower brooch designs

Marcasite flower brooch designs.

We have plenty of marcasite brooch designs to choose from – In a wide range of floral and different flowers, flower baskets or in bouquet bunches. You will always find flowers that are more “poetic licence” than actual flowers and so cannot identify what they are. Here we are showcasing a few of the marcasite jewellery we have available or may have been sold. Our sample includes faux marcasite – usually of Stay Brite metal from Charles Horner or just metal that has been moulded with raised “dimples” to imitate marcasite.

Faux marcasite feather leaf brooch by Charles Horner.

Marcasite has been popular since the very early age. It was used in Egyptian times and found in burial chambers. Wat is marcasite – It is not made from actual marcasite – which was found to be very brittle and would break quickly. But from Pyrite or commonly called Fools Gold. It was set into real silver originally, but as costume jewellery progressed. It is also set into cheaper silver coloured metals.

Photographs of marcasite flower brooches.

Faux marcasite flower basket brooch.

Real marcasite flower brooch by Exquisite.

Large daisy marcasite brooch by Exquisite.

Smaller daisy bunch marcasite brooch.

Marcasite lily brooch with enamel in pale pink. These marcasite brooches can be found in a wide range of colours. Because they were hand enamelled. They all have a slightly different colour pattern and tone.

marcasite flower brooch in enamel
pink enamel lily marcasite brooch
Another enamelled marcasite brooch

Small tulip bunch marcasite brooch.

Large marcasite lily brooch.

With daisy, lily, tulip, leaf and many other designs – it is hard to choose from. As usual with our blogs – we add photographs of the jewellery we have found on our travels and add them to this website.

Updated 16/02/2019.

May Day again

May Day again..

Yes another May Bank Holiday weekend. So the usual dispatch news applies. We will post out after the Bank Holiday here in the UK. Next Tuesday we will dispatch everything that has been ordered from Friday to Tuesday morning.

So while you enjoy the sun and rain!! here are a few jewellery pictures.

art deco diamante brooch ivy vintage brooch by Sarah Coventrymodern cameo broochFor all our brooches..

Valentine treats

Valentine jewellery and accessories to buy in the next 24 hours.

Still time to get your Valentine jewellery. Just choose the next day express delivery option in the UK.

Fabulous brooches, necklaces, earrings, men’s jewellery and more…

blue dragon eye necklace for Valentine's day So pick a piece of jewellery or two and add to the basket. Navigate our easy to use checkout and make your purchase. Don’t forget to add the express delivery option – or else we can not guarantee that it will arrive in time. You have until 12 today for it to arrive on the 13th or 12 tomorrow for it to arrive on the 14th*. Good luck and hope you all have that romantic day that you want.

Plenty of new “old” jewellery will be added in the next few days and months. So call back and look at our ever changing offers. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with our offers as well.

*UK only. Though we do deliver worldwide.

Christmas Information For Accessories 2017

Christmas discount on jewellery and accessories
Our fabulous Christmas discount of jewellery over £10. 40% off until New Years Eve.

Christmas information 2017.

As usual, we will stop posting out our jewellery & accessories – From the end of Thursday 21st December until the 27th December. Then we will send out our items on the three days between Christmas and the New Year. So that is Wednesday 27th, Thursday 28th & Friday 29th of December. Special deliveries in the UK will be sent on the 27th if purchased during our Christmas break.

New Year information 2017 – 2018.

There will be a holiday break until the New Year; when we resume normal service on the Wednesday 3rd January 2018. Any next day UK deliveries are included – so they will be sent on the 3rd January if purchased in our break. So please take note.

Have a very merry Christmas and an even Happier New Year – from all of us at Jewels & Finery.

Get your diamante jewellery – Only 15 days to Christmas

Only 15 days left to Christmas to get your diamante jewellery ready to party!

Get into the party mood by wearing sparkling diamanté jewellery. With diamante jewels in so many colours. It is easy to coordinate with any outfit. Wear a pair of fabulous diamante earrings or just wear a twinkling diamante hair clip that catches the light and sparkles. Just one or two pieces of jewellery add extra sparkle to your look. But take care too much bling can make you look silly or using an old saying “mutton dressed as a lamb”

aurora vintage clip on earrings in redDon’t be a diamante jewellery bling disaster.

Don’t go overboard or you will look like a Christmas tree in disguise. One or two pieces is just enough. Too much diamante jewellery will make you look a bling disaster. Do not put on a diamante necklace with matching earrings, a crystal hair tiara with a whole arm of sparkling diamante bracelets and on every finger a dazzling ring – The result is so over the top, that selfies are out. Too much glare will make it difficult to photograph. Of course, if you are dressing up for a fancy dress party – go ahead. Or you are acting as the Dame or Widow Twankey in a pantomime then go for the full set – tiara, necklaces, earrings, bracelets galore ….

diamante christmas tree look

What diamante jewellery to choose?

With a plain black outfit wear clear diamante jewellery. If you have a red, blue or any other colour outfits – choose a matching coloured diamante or a lighter colour. However, if you are unable to find a colour that matches – play it safe and wear clear diamante pieces. One pair of diamante earrings can look stunning with a simple black dress. Or just a diamante necklace on its own with a black, red or blue dress. A matching diamante necklace with matching bracelet will look brilliant together, but take care when adding a pair of earrings – does it look too much? At Jewels & Finery, we have a huge assortment of diamanté or rhinestone jewellery from brooches to earrings, necklaces and bracelets. So take a look.

sparkling diamante earrings
What jewellery do you wear that is diamante to a party this Christmas?

Updated 16/02/2019.

Dried flower jewellery from the past to present

Dried flower jewellery from past to present.

Dried flowers that have been picked in bloom, then carefully dried out, have been used in antique and vintage jewellery making for many centuries. The paper thin floral dried flowers, grasses and seeds do not usually retain their original colour. Becoming brown – yellow or the bright colour’s fading; however they can be carefully hand tinted to give a more brighter colouring. They make a great keepsake for flowers used in wedding bouquets, anniversaries, souvenir holiday visits or in funeral flowers. In the seventies a craze of home making jewellery using plastic moulds, brought about many dried flower brooches, earrings and pendants in circulation. Dried flowers are still used today.

Pictures of dried flower jewellery.

Below are the dried flower jewellery pieces we have sourced. Some flower brooches are still available and some now sold. This is just a resource for floral handmade accessories that we have found and a “Jewels” dried flower jewellery online museum. We will add photographs as we source new (antique/vintage/pre owned/handmade) additions.

dried flowers nestling on material jewellery
1950s dried flower brooch onto a fabric background.
red dried flower jewellery in resin
Dried grass sprigs onto a red plastic background. Circa 1960s floral brooch

Take a look at our other themed or designer jewellery articles available on this blog by Jewels.

Jewels - Blogging about jewellery
Jewels – Blogging about jewellery.

How bone jewellery has developed over the centuries

Bone jewellery.

Love it or hate it? Bone jewellery has been around for a very long time and is still used extensively for material in jewellery. It is not only tactile, but a cheap component to use. Once hand carved but now machine manufactured. It will be around for years to come. Now ideal to collect the many different bone jewellery pieces still available. It is relatively cheaper to collect than other types at the moment. We have about 14 pieces of bone jewellery available on our website now.

antique scottish thistle bone brooch

Antique Scottish bone brooch of a thistle – hand carved.

The history of bone jewellery.

One of the earliest materials used by our ancestors was bone to make jewellery. After picking the bones dry, they used Ibex, horse. Carved bone jewellery was used to adoring themselves. Maybe to draw the animals to them when hunting – as obtaining food was a must to survive. No nipping to the local shop to buy groceries then. Or jewellery and clothing accessories were used in ritualistic practices. No one really knows for sure. Certainly, a bone was used in holding clothes together like buttons, clasps and buckles. But it was also fastened into beads and brooches that had no function other than to look good.

It seems to have been also used as a memorial to dead ancestors. Human bone beads were used in certain religion’s prayer beads. Ancient people would have their relatives or loved one’s bones or teeth fashioned into a necklace or headdress. A way to keep their memory alive or to give them that deceased person’s knowledge? Not something we would consider today – or is it. Jewellery can still be made with your loved one’s ashes turned into diamonds or a locket/holder that can contain a small amount of the cremated remains of your husband/wife/mother/father/child, etc.

Bone was used for jewellery making in certain cultures and in certain decades. Ethnic, Egyptian and North American jewellery often used bone. The Victorian era has many examples. Used to make Scottish bone jewellery and also harvest inspired pieces.

Vintage rose brooch by Exquisite – the rose is carved bone circa the 1960s.

Black and white bangle modern – both the black and white segments are of bone. The black is dyed, whilst the white is bleached.

Antique harvest brooch with a corn shaped design. Hand carved.

Photographs of bone jewellery necklaces, bracelets & brooches.

Animal bone in jewellery has never really gone out fashion. Nowadays it is dyed and shaped so that you can not tell what it is. A bone of course is used extensively now in our everyday life, as it was our ancestors. The following pieces of jewellery of bone and other materials are some that have been sourced by Jewels.

Black bone segmented bangle – chunky style & modern.

Another bone bracelet bangle – modern.

Wood & bone bangle – modern.

Circular bone pendant necklace – modern.

Bone leaf brooch – Early 20th century.

Mixed media bead necklace – seeds, bone and stone.

North American necklace with bone beads – modern.

Dyed red chunky bone and wood bead necklace – modern.

As usual, we will add to this blog post photographs of the bone jewellery we have sourced. So please bookmark and come back.

Bank Holiday News & New Adds This Month

Well we have been busy again this Bank Holiday at the end of May, changing design to Jewels & Finery. Hope you like this one. Let us know if you have any comments please, We just liked the drop down boxes and the fact that more brooches displayed on one page of 100.

So for this Bank Holiday – the usual stuff. The Royal Mail Postal Service does not operate on a Bank Holiday or Sunday. So everything will be posted on Tuesday. We also do not post on a Saturday – unless it is an express delivery item, sold before 9 am or Christmas. Because we are a small family business – we do need a life!!

Over the last few days, we have added loads of vintage ties and vintage buttons – so here are just a few.

sonic vintage tieGreen stripe vintage tieglass vintage buttons clearorane fabric vintage buttons   More vintage jewellery will be added soon – so come back and visit.